Musicca helps you teach music theory. For free. Engage your students with our fun and interactive content that allows them to learn at their own pace, both in school and at home. You can track the success of your students in real-time.

1. Free for schools

Musicca is free for schools, teachers, and students. Create a free account to access all content and remove ads. Ask your students to do the same. Teachers and students have the same account type.

You can register with your email address or your existing Google or Facebook account. Accounts are created instantly upon registration. For more information about creating an account, please visit the help section.

2. Fun and engaging

Musicca provides interactive exercises and tools that encourage your students to improve their musical skills, both in school and at home. We focus on skills that are essential for reading, writing and playing music.

Learning is more effective when it’s fun! So Musicca incorporates game elements into the learning process. Achievements, streaks, and points help to motivate your students and keep them engaged while they learn.

The exercises in notes and rhythms are a good place to start. Go through the exercises from top to bottom. Even if students do not play the piano, the piano exercises are beneficial, because the piano will help them visualize the notes.

3. Time-saving

The exercises are self-correcting and easy for students to use, saving you hours of time, and allowing students of different levels to work at their own pace. Prior knowledge is not necessary to complete the exercises.

Our teacher features allow you to easily track student progress. At a glance, see where a student is having difficulty or is excelling ahead of the class. For more information about tracking students' progress, please visit the help section.

NameLevelChords » Majord and minor Arrow
Kylie McCartney 14 Progress
Paul Presley 5 Progress
Elvis Minogue 37 Progress