Play drums online

Play the virtual drums using your keyboard or by clicking on the drums. Click the "Drum kit" button above the drums to change the drum kit. Click "Show shortcuts" to see the shortcuts for the drums and cymbals. You can use the following shortcuts:

  • Crash cymbal: y
  • Ride cymbal: u
  • Hi-hat (closed): r or t
  • Hi-hat (open): e or w
  • Hi-hat (foot): c
  • High tom-tom: g
  • Low tom-tom: h
  • Floor tom: j
  • Snare drum: s or a
  • Snare drum (cross stick): d or f
  • Bass drum: x or z

Drummers often use their right hand to play the cymbals (crash cymbal, ride cymbal, and hi-hat), and their left hand to play the snare drum. When using shortcuts, use the left hand to play both the snare drum and the bass drum.

Play the virtual drums, and then apply your new skills to real drums. Use the drum machine to find inspiration for drum beats and rhythm patterns. A fun way to practice with the virtual drums is by playing along with your favorite songs.

Free online rhythm exercises

Try our free rhythm exercises and learn to read, write, and play rhythms. You'll also find a variety of other exercises that will expand your musical understanding and help you become better at playing the drums.