Join my mission to give students, educators, and musicians across the world the opportunity to learn the language of music for free. Here is how you can contribute.

1. Spread the word

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2. Become a translator

Help improve the English version of Musicca by sending me your suggestions for improvements. Please describe exactly where the current text is located on the website, and please send me the new text to use as a replacement.

You can help translate Musicca to your language if it's not already available. With your help, I can give students, educators and musicians in your country the opportunity to learn the language of music for free. Contact me to contribute.

3. Give feedback

Let me know what you think of Musicca and how I can improve your learning experience. Please be as specific as possible with your suggestions. I consider all suggestions, but I cannot promise that all of them will be implemented.

Let me know if you think Musicca is not behaving the way it should. Please be sure to include all necessary information needed to reproduce the issue, such as your browser, your browser version and the conditions in which the issue occurs.