Music dictionary

Enter a musical term and then click the 'Search' button. The dictionary contains notes, chords, and scales. More terms will be added regularly.

About the music dictionary

The music dictionary contains over 1,000 terms from the world of music. To find a term, use the search function at the top. Alternatively, you can use the links in the menu.

Within the music dictionary, you'll find:

  • Notes. Search for the note name, for example 'C', 'A-flat', or 'D-sharp'.
  • Chords. Search for the chord symbol, for example 'Dm', 'Ebmaj7', or 'F#m9'.
  • Scales. Search for the scale name, for example 'E major scale', 'B-flat blues scale', or 'C-sharp natural minor scale'.

All entries in the music dictionary are written by Lasse Grubbe and Nina Agerskov, both of whom hold master's degrees in music from the University of Copenhagen.