Find scales on the piano, guitar, and ukulele

Start by selecting a root note and scale type at the top. Click the "Instrument" button to switch between the piano, guitar, ukulele, and music notation. Play the selected scale by clicking the "Play scale" button or by pressing the spacebar on your keyboard.

Click on the piano keys or use your keyboard to play the piano. The keyboard's first row of letters correspond to the white keys, and the row of numbers correspond to the black keys. You can play multiple notes at the same time.

Click on the strings or use your keyboard to play the guitar and ukulele. Each of the four keyboard rows correspond to a string. Press and hold the shift key (⇧) and use the top two keyboard rows to play the top two guitar strings.

Free scale exercises

Try the scale exercises and learn how to identify, write, and play scales. You'll also find several exercises in notes, intervals, chords, and key signatures. Create a free Musicca account and gain full access to all the exercises.