Create a user to get started and begin your music learning journey. Musicca is free for everyone, contains no ads, and does not use personal data for marketing.

1. Create user

Create a user to get started. Registration is necessary to track and store your learning progress. You can create a user by using your email address or by using your Facebook or Google account. By default, your personal data is kept private.

2. Using the exercises

Musicca is made for students, teachers and musicians of all levels. The exercises are designed to ensure the best possible learning path, while still being fun and easy to use. You can start your learning without any preparation or knowledge.

The exercises combine music notation, ear training, and keyboard identification – skills useful in real life as a musician or student. You are advised to do the exercises from top to bottom. However, you can choose any learning path that suits your needs.

You earn points by completing exercises. The more points you get the higher the rank you will achieve. If you complete an exercise without any wrong answers you earn a star. When you have earned a star in all exercises within a circle that circle will obtain a star.

You can use the following shortcuts:

  • enter (send answer, continue to the next exercise)
  • space (play sound, stop sound)
  • s (sharp accidental)
  • f (flat accidental)
  • e (eraser)

In exercises with answer buttons you can use the first letter of the button for answering, but only if any two buttons do not share the same first letters.

3. Progress sharing

Login and go to your share progress page to share your progress with others. Enter the email address of the users with whom you will share your progress. They get access to your progress instantly. Note that this does not give you access to their progress.

Other users can share their progress with you in the same way. Go to your settings page to view your email address. When you have gained access to their progress they will appear on your friends page. Their progress may take a while to load.

NameLevelChords » Majord and minor Arrow
Kylie McCartney 14 Progress
Paul Presley 5 Progress
Elvis Minogue 37 Progress

4. For schools

Musicca can be used in the classroom and by students at home. All exercises are self-correcting and designed to ensure the most effective learning path, while still being fun and easy to use. Teachers can view detailed progress reports for all students.

As a teacher you can use the exercises to:

  • ensure students understanding
  • repeat and revive skills
  • support students who have fallen behind
  • strengthen talented students who ask for more work
  • evaluate your teaching and the learning of your students
  • prepare and practice for an exam

Teachers and students have the same type of account.